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Monday, December 13, 2021



    Political Science as a discipline of study is basically known as study of the State, Government and its linkage with people. Traditionally, it covered the study of man in the process of governing himself. Today, Political Science encompasses the study of Man in relation to the State, Society, Nation and the World. It deals with not merely the structure of governments and administration and study of political theories but also it covers various aspects of human life, rights and duties of the citizens. Political Science has today entered into various aspects of day to day affairs of the Government as well as Citizens. It has assumed an inter-disciplinary character. The course especially focuses on Political Theory, Western Political Thought, Indian Constitution, Indian Political System, Indian Administration and Local Self Government and Human Resource Management. The course brings special attention on International Politics, Indian foreign Policy, Gandhian Thought and Government and Politics of Tamil Nadu.

Political Science is one of the most important subjects in all the competitive Exams, especially in IAS, IPS, UPSC and TNPSC Exams. A student within depth knowledge of Indian Constitution, Political Science and International Politics are much better equipped to successfully handle various questions and gain crucial marks.